My name is Rory Davidson and I live near Cambridge in the UK.


I’m the Executive Lead for Technical Services for SNOMED International, a non-profit organization responsible for managing the SNOMED CT clinical terminology. Read more about that on the SNOMED International website.

This gives me the opportunity to dabble in and around a number of technologies, but more importantly to make sure that everything we do is available under an Apache v2 open source license in the organization’s GitHub repos.

Topics that interest me

(and that I am likely to talk about)

  • Healthcare IT
  • Standards (SNOMED CT, HL7 FHIR, and more)
  • Open source software
  • Machine learning
  • IoT
  • Solving difficult problems with technology
  • The impact of technology once the problems are solved and new ones are created

Generally, pretty much anything outside of today’s divisive politics.

My history

Been in the game since 1995, working with technology across many industries and countries, but settling into healthcare in 2005. If you’re really interested in more detail, it’s on LinkedIn

The rest

I run, or rather used to run a lot until age caught up with me and my knees starting just saying no, but I still get out when I can. In 2010, I ran the Marathon Des Sables, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

Some have asked what the avatar image is… it’s a Fidget Cube. Just get one…